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Posted by: Lesley Brooks, Ilene Shewitz on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 12:00:00 am Comments (1)

What does it mean to be a ‘member’ of something?  At its most basic level it means paying a fee for the benefit of receiving a service.  The problem with the term membership as it relates to a temple membership is that it diminishes the concept of community.  It sounds more transactional, kind of like a membership to a gym or to Costco.  We’d like to change that concept.  We’d like you to consider the fact that we are all friends of this community and our collective goal as friends is to nourish the relationship so that we continue to flourish together. True friendship also takes a commitment of one’s time and talent.  We work together as a community to make sure that TBAY continues to provide what you seek in this friendship.

If you give of your finances, time and talent, what does this TBAY friendship offer you (besides High Holy Day tickets)?  It is important for us to make sure the friends of our community understand the value of their membership at TBAY.

As a member you have the opportunity to impact our community by voting in congregational decisions, and serving on committees and the board.  You have access to clergy for counseling and lifecycle officiation.  You are free to utilize the services and programs offered by the synagogue as much as desired, and to participate in congregational life and leadership.  But more than any of this, the value of your membership is the personal connection.  Personal connection with our Rabbis, our office staff, our teachers, and all of the other friends in this community.  You have place that is warm, welcoming and available for you and your family always.  A place that has fun, exciting events for all ages.  TBAY is a place where you can experience Jewish life in a multifaceted way.

Together, as a community of friends, we must make sure that all of these wonderful things continue to be available for each of us and, most importantly, that they are available to our children.   On Yom Kippur we spoke about the concept of sustaining and growing this community for the sake of our children, to make sure that they can enjoy and be supported by this community as we are.  A friendship at TBAY means so much for all of us.  As we head into the winter months when outdoor time is less appealing, come to TBAY to enjoy all that we have to offer.  Keep us active in your life throughout the year.  Keep your family involved so that we can instill in the next generation the value of a temple friendship.

Lesley Brooks and Ilene Shewitz



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