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Posted by: Ilene Shewitz - Co-President on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 12:00:00 am Comments (0)

Now let me tell you about what’s happening at TBAY for our entire community, not just the children. 

First, a quick update on Tashlich being held today at 6:30 pm at Meisel Park.  Due to the construction, we will be meeting on the other side of the creek on Meisel Avenue, but still on the Meisel Park side of the street.

We have started a walking club on Sunday morning.  No experience necessary.  The group has been walking at Bryant Park all summer.  A biking club and running club could be next if we can get volunteers to chair them.

We are revitalizing our social action/Tikkun Olam committee to help repair the world, or at least our local community.

Specific dates to keep in mind for SOME of the fun events happening through the end of this year:

  • Oct 1st – Men’s Club annual Steak & Scotch Program. This year they’ll be giving out a special surprise gift.
  • Oct 6th – Annual Dinner in the Sukkah
  • A brand new event for young professionals….Oct 26th – Microbrews & Conversation @ Scotty’s – Rabbi Mallach will hold the first “bar-hop” for young professionals. He’ll even buy you a drink!
  • Nov 16th – Women’s League Paid Up Membership Dinner & Vendor Fair
  • Dec 9th – Couples Bowling co-sponsored by both Women’s League & Men’s Club
  • Dec 19th – TBAY Annual Hanukkah Party

And, I’ve left the best for last: What are you doing Saturday night, November 4th? How about coming to the BEST PARTY in town? (And it’s not Teacher’s Convention Weekend).  Dueling Pianos at TBAY! - a one-of-a-kind, all request, totally interactive show that puts YOU, the audience, at the center of the action. You pick the music and they play it! Singing and dancing are not required, but highly encouraged! Bring your family and friends and join the fun on Saturday night, November 4th, right here at Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael.

There are so many other ways you become a more active member at TBAY.  We’re often asked “what committees can I get involved with, where can I become a bigger part of this community?  Well, we’ve put all of that information in one place for you.  On a table outside in the lobby you’ll find our annual report.  On the last page of that report, there is a list of volunteer activities and Tzedakah opportunities. There are also extra forms on that table.  Since it is Yom Tov, and we can’t have you filling out the form, there are alphabetized name stickers on the table which we ask you to place on the form next to the area that you’re most interested in. After the High Holy Days, someone will follow-up with you about which committee and/or Tzedakah opportunity you are interested in.

One of the volunteer areas you’ll see is attending morning minyan.  We are the only non-orthodox Temple in Union county to have daily morning minyan.  There are many people who come to daily minyan to say Kaddish for their loved ones.  But we don’t always have enough people to make a minyan. We need everyone’s help to fulfill the mitzvah of making a minyan so those in need can say kaddish.  Pick one morning a week and commit to attending.  By indicating your interest in volunteering we’ll be able to put your name on a list as a regular minyan attendee.  Another opportunity to volunteer is on Oct 1st to build our Community Sukkah.  Please come and help.  We really need volunteers.  And if you could let the Temple Office know that we can count on you, that would be really helpful.

Speaking about Stepping up and Volunteering … I am proud to announce that Lesley and David Brooks are being honored by Israeli Bonds on Monday evening October 23rd.  A dessert reception will be held at our Temple to honor Lesley and David, Marilyn Weiss from Sha’arey Shalom, and Ina and Gary Singer from Congregation Israel.  All three Temples from Springfield will be celebrating together.  I hope that many of you will join us that evening.

To conclude, “Our vision” sees Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael as a vibrant community.  A welcoming place where people come together, congregate, support each other and participate in programs and/or services.  We hope that TBAY provides a safe haven from the pressures of the world, a place where you can develop close friendships, a spiritual life, and a way to infuse your life with a richness not found any other way.  Underlying everything that we do is a set of values and beliefs, a sense of connection, a belief that Jewish continuity matters and that transmitting Judaism to the next generation is important.  Please join us in continuing our journey to make TBAY a community for everyone.

The Brooks and Shewitz families wish everyone a sweet, happy and healthy new year.

Let’s join together today to create a fabulous tomorrow.


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