Shorashim: The Religious School at TBAY

Wow! What a great start to the year! So many great things are happening in our school. We celebrated Sukkot this year with not one but two excellent programs! Our whole school participated in our annual “Pizza in the Hut” program, where we sang, shook the lulav and etrog, and fulfilled the mitzvah of dwelling in the sukkah with a pizza meal together.

Our fourth and fifth graders took part in a very special joint program with students from CBI in Millburn and COS in Summit, where we took a “field trip” to celebrate Sukkot at South Mountain Reservation. What better way to experience the harvest holiday than among the changing leaves? Under a crisp blue sky on a perfect sunny fall day, our fourth and fifth graders made their own pita s’mores, crafted sukkah decorations, and went on a nature walk under the canopy of trees – God’s own sukkah! We finished the morning with songs and stories. It was a fantastic event! These students will gather together two more times this year for Havdalah and Passover for more experiential education fun!

Since shaking our lulavs and dancing with the Torah, we’ve been keeping busy with learning Tefillah, Hebrew, Israel, Bible, music, Jewish history … as well as making Havdalah candles with fifth grade, learning about tallit and tefillin with seventh grade, and getting in touch with our silly side with Shorashim Silly Sunday – our annual tribute to the extra hour when the clocks change, where we wear silly hats and outfits.

Our theme this year revolves around how to “go” and “catch” the three principles of Shorashim: ruach (spirit), lev (heart), and ometz (courage). Each time a teacher “catches” a learner showing one of these three values, the learner will receive a special colored bead to add to a necklace. There will also be a board to keep track of exactly how we as a community are engaging in acts of spirit, heart, and courage. We’ve had our first “bead ceremony,” and the board has been updated – come stop by the halls and see all the amazing things our learners have been “caught” doing! 

Rabbi Cecelia Beyer



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